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GMC600 SBT11 Geiger Counter vs GMC600+ LND7317 Geiger Counter

This video shows the difference between Russian СБТ11 tube and US LND 7317 pancake Geiger counters made by GMC. SBT-11 is lighter but reacts slower than LND7317 type counter. Also I show reactions to UV light with my test samples. Радиоактивный Наука

The air filter in your house is radioactive

In this video we test for radon in a central Florida home using a geiger counter and an air conditioning air filter

Dosimeter Dozymetr GQ Electronics GMC-600 SBT-11 Geiger Counter

Hello everyone interested in ionizing radiation!

I rarely record movies with spoken comments, but I add subtitles to the movie - ATTENTION PLEASE ENABLE SUBTITLES

here you can buy this dosimeter

The dosimeter uses a pancake SBT-11 Geiger counter

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