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Ferrari's Biggest Mistake? Is the 348 TS Truly Terrible? First Drive Impressions

Ferrari's catalogue is not the lineage of perfection many make it out to be. There are a few cars in there which just misfired, even when new. One such car is the 348 - unloved when released, and unfavourably compared with the NSX ever since, the 348 has often been Ferrari's poor cousin.

Recently values have started to rise dramatically - but is that simply a result of the 355 and 328 dragging prices up, or is the 348 genuinely a car worth investing in? Let's take it for a drive and find out if there's promise.

Today is not a full review, but simply a taster of this unloved piece from Maranello.

#Ferrari #348

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bliglum : Not that it was bad, in a vacuum. Just that it was mediocre, particularly when compared to several of the more reasonably priced upstarts at the time, such as, yes, the NSX.. That, and the 355 is of course like the ultimate form of the 348... So yeah. Not that it's bad, just that there's better out there.
Hey ho : Ever listen to a plank?
Bryin E. Willis : Lap
CDM192 : If you could get a really good bargain on a 348 in good condition, it would be an ideal investment for Ferrari lovers.
CDM192 : Not all Italians are small, old chap. 6'2" and a lean 210 is me.

Here's Why the Ferrari 348 Doesn't Deserve Its Bad Reputation



The Ferrari 348 has long been considered the "black sheep" of the Ferrari V8 family -- the "middle child" that purists don't like. Today I'm reviewing a Ferrari 348 to show you why it deserves a better reputation than it has.

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F355 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fs7uOea9d1A
Garrett Green : Cars like these are the reason boomers put louvers on Corvettes.
Julie Tran : The foregoing cucumber unfortunatly wobble because decade specifically multiply of a sedate blouse. wealthy, female fertile network
D'Ascoyne : It's a bargain until you find out you will need to drop the engine just to change the timing belt which will set you back $5000-6000.
Karim Devji : The tires are backwards....
‘ CCK5018 ‘ : I like this car. The styling is very beautiful, and those side strikes are very cool looking. I don’t understand how purists don’t like this car.

Fire up my Ferrari 348 after the winter. This sound is the art of music


Ferrari 348 TS 92 model with Tubi sport exhaust.
The video made in my garage in Haugesund Norway. The car is one really pretty lady. The most sexy woman in red on 4 wheel
Jake White : What kind of exhaust is on the car?
Dadi Fender : ggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
The Racing Zone : is this available on spotify?
MISTERNO MG : smoke White?
Mixer Bear : 1:18




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