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Chase & Status - Program Ft. Irah


‘Program’ Ft. IRah is out now - Listen here:

Nothing but the best as usual from director wonder-kid Taichi Kimura. Big up Irah for bringing the badman vibes for this next chapter of RTRN II JUNGLE.

Shouts to Coralie Rose from Road Casting for coming through at the last minute.
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Director: Taichi Kimura
Executive Producer: Daniella Manca
Producer: Ghandi El-Chamaa
Dop: Stefan Yap
Production Company: Caviar London

Production Manager: Zoe Travica
Caviar Assistant: Chirolles Khalil

1st Ad: Tom Allan
3rd Ad: Sataish O’shea
Runner: Elliot Lang
Runner: Freddie Wilcox
Runner: Samuel Mines

Focus Puller: Marcus Albertson
2nd Ac: Jomar O’mealley
Cam Trainee Rory Power

Gaffer: Kieran Brown
Best Boy: Darren Pearson
Electrician: Jovan Lawerence
Electrician: Johnjo Besagni
Electrician: Joss Lawson

Grip: Steve Wells

Dit: Oliver Martin

Hair + Make-Up Artist: Georgia Jade
Stylist: Terri Higgens

Dancer: Theo Oloyade
Extra 1: Leon Dean
Extra 2: Mishael Obozua

Casting: Coralie Rose @ Road Casting
Casting: Rose Road
All Extras: C/O Coralie Road

Grade: House Cheat
Colourist: Vlad Barin


Say dem wha link wid di general
seh dem want di high grade medical
dem nuh wha fi role wid no bwoy whe ah move like snitch and ah move like federal
seh dem wha role wid di gargon
dem nuh wha fi role wid no pagan
chase and status ah champion everybody dun know the programme

bwoy coulda big and thick like hulk hogan
but if him diss me jah know him affi hold one

chase and status ah champion and everybody dun know the program

well if ah war bombohole mek it startup
bomborasclaat matic affi claat up
well if ah war bombohole come tell mi nuh
and see if the big mac 11 dnt shell ounou

dem ano badman ah mussi madman
but him fire gunshot ah death program
but dem nuh know man gaza gargon
fly dem bloodclaat bat it ah mi slogan


mi ah tell ounou gunshot carrel ounou
sound bwoy you ago dead nuh matter whe yuh do
mi ah tell ounou dis ano 22
dis ah di big 45 whe ounou wha do

dis anno play ting chiney k ting
bullet ah ballalalla inna you ears ring
you nuh hear king hard ah ears ting
him affi run borrow gun from

him bredrin!”hulk hogan bridge (bridge)
Satanya Garnet : They’re really cool xxx are you all saints??? Love Leah Harris <3
Satanya Garnet : No more tattoos... we sold our portalling Pedro xxx you can’t portal with tattoos xxx please xxx just wear jewellery
Satanya Garnet : No sex before marriage, God & be faithful. I’m a Satanist, The Devil aka Mary xxx
Satanya Garnet : Err The Devil aka Mother Mary aka Bisho Gaia & Goddess Isis is the final adjuricator of THE JUDGEMENT DAY??? It’s not yet xxx so I have to fix up & look sharp (I’ll just act really gay, in front of cool ppl??) dad? Yep xxx
Satanya Garnet : Bodhi* Gaia, Mother Earth. Don’t come to Devon, you’ll get tortured. The Government, my Government are ill, because they were abused. They’re your ancestors xxx they look after us xxx love u Peter xxx

Chronic Law - Program (Official Video)

Chronic Law - Program (Official Video)
2021 Shab Don Records / Hemton Music

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#ChronicLaw #Program #ShabDon #Hemton
#STAR#BOY# #REAL#LIFE# : One law
Roger Hill : Wull them law boss
O'Brian harvey : We na run dem down
Challondo Graham : Watch e slimaz pon e bike back trouble!!!!! PROGRAM ........
Mendo Stylee : what the riddim name






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